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Ballistic Glass

A high technology, transparent, no-spall bulletproof, impact-resistant shatterproof composite glass with polycarbonate, ballistic glass is designed to protect vehicles for military and civil use. It is designed to withstand high-energy ballistic attacks and prolonged physical attacks, or a combination of the two. Products are certified according to the EN 1063, NIJ 0108.01 and STANAG 4569 requirements.



Spectra Shield®

Spectra Shield® products are superior ballistic materials for lightweight armor designs. Honeywell's Spectra Shield'® products deliver impressive ballistic performance both monolithically and in combination with other materials such as metals and ceramics. Pound for pound, Spectra® fiber is 15 times stronger than steel, yet light enough to float. Products offer excellent ballistic performance against bullets and fragments to include impressive multi-hit capability and minimal deformation in ballistic events.



Vehicle armor made with high-performance Dyneema® HB provides optimum protection and strength - yet at a minimal weight, thus maximizing levels of speed, agility and acceleration (as well as prolonging the life of vehicle components.
When it comes to safeguarding the life of our clients, Dyneema® is the number one name in ultra light bullet resistant paneling for armored vehicles.


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An effective vehicle armor material capable of providing multi-hit protection and maintaining ballistic capability through a wide spectrum of operating conditions, such as exposure to high temperatures, flexibility in design, ease of fitting and retro-fitting. It combines superior durability and low bulk, which are essential requirements to the armored vehicle industry.

Lightweight armor systems made with DuPont™ Kevlar® brand fiber optimize essential properties in advanced ballistic protection for vehicles. Designed to meet a broad range of protection requirements, solutions containing Kevlar® offer the flexibility and choice necessary to accommodate varying weight, bulk and threat level constraints. Advanced armor systems using innovative Kevlar® technologies are a preferred choice for durable, reliable and cost-efficient protection.


AR 500 Ballistic Steel

AR 500 steel plate is a premium high impact bulletproof resistant steel plate, heat treated to exhibit through-hardening, improved forming and welding capabilities.
Texcalibur Armor has access to the best pre-certified ballistic grade steel in the world. The pre-certified steel is tested by independent laboratories and certified according to the EN 1063, NIJ 0108.01 and STANAG 4569 requirements.
Ballistic materials are chosen according to the level of protection required.


Run Flats

Rodgard run flats have been a reliable mainstay for over 25 years of service on armored vehicles, police vehicles, riot control vehicles, and cash-in-transit vehicles. The Rodgard run flat provides excellent handling and performance after a tire deflation compared to other static type run flat systems.
Rodgard designs run flat devices to US Army, NATO/FINABEL speed and distance standards of 50km @ 50km/hr (30 miles @ 30 mph.







Armor Kits

Armor Kits





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