• Receiving
    Reception of Vehicle.


    The Texcalibur armoring process includes a series of quality control inspections that follow a vehicle during each and every stage of production. After a unit passes all of the production stages, it is inspected again to test components, materials, and electronics for perfect working order and functionality. A driving test confirms the stability and efficiency of the vehicle in addition to the reinforced braking and suspension system performance.

  • Disassembly
    Disassembling of Vehicles.


    The disassembly process employs a carefully orchestrated removal of glass and interior elements that include the dash, seats, electronic instruments and other components. Items are securely packaged and stored until the unit is ready for reassembly.

  • Armoring
    Vehicle Armoring.


    Using in-house technology, the main engine components are fortified with the armoring structure to add protection to the battery, brakes and fuel tank, making these vulnerable components impervious to damage from projectile and fragment penetration. The installation of AR 500 Steel, Kevlar Bomb Blankets, Dyneema, Spectra Shield and Isoclima armoring material reinforces that protection and optimizes performance. The installation of electrical and brake upgrades, optional equipment, and run flats for tires follows the initial mounting process. Upon completion of the armoring installation, a panel of quality control specialists reviews the work for aesthetic appearances and to guarantee the original factory finish of the unit has been maintained.

  • Assembly
    Vehicle Assembly.


    At this time, the interior is returned to its original placement, hiding the armor and maintaining the look, integrity and O.E.M. quality of the vehicle. Modifications to the vehicle’s suspension are completed in accordance to the level of armoring. Run Flats and Brake Upgrades may also be installed at this time.

  • Quality Control
    Quality Controle of Vehicles.

    Quality Control

    Final inspections to achieve a zero defect policy certification are conducted once the vehicle has been reassembled. Tests include water testing for leaks, driving performance, diagnostic testing for electrical parts as well as an accessories performance test.







Armor Kits

Armor Kits





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