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Texcalibur Armor has developed one of the best self-install armor kits available on the market to increase the protective coverage of your soft skin vehicles.

The Texcalibur Armor kit in can be installed in approximately 6-8 hours. We provide written instructions and all the tools needed for installation. It’s fast and easy!

This means you can quickly retrofit your current fleet of vehicles to make them armored and safer for your personnel in dangerous areas. Texcalibur Armor estimates protection coverage of the full kit with options at 80% of the coverage of factory-installed armored vehicles.



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Standard Armor Kit Package:

    • Windshield & Dash Protection: (includes A post protection)

    • Front & Rear Door Protection: (includes B, C and overhead post protection)

    • Rear Bulkhead Protection

    • Front Radiator Protection

    • Partial Firewall & Inside Fender Protection

    • Outside Fender Protection & Upgraded Door Hinges

    • Door Overlap & Spall Guard Protection

    • Door Protection


Additional Options:

    • Floor protection Kevlar blanket

    • Roof protection 3mm AR500 ballistic steel or Spectra Shield

    • Battery & ECM protection 6mm AR500 ballistic steel

    • Upgraded Brakes

    • Run Flat Tires

    • Suspension Upgrades

    • Upgraded Door Hinges







Armor Kits

Armor Kits





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